Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Wedding Gift

My friend is getting married (well, technically she's already married, but now she's having a big party).
So I've decided that I want to make her a little handemade present, especially for the wedding and for her.... so here is what I came up with...
I bought a pretty box with some texture

And I put all the treasures inside

That's how they look all together

It's a book. I've sewn all from scratch

I've made the paper look oldish

It's a jewelry box I've painted (the white works as the wedding theme)

And a matching picture frame

There's a little bag I've sewn ( for jewelry I guess)

And inside the bag.... I've put a charm necklace I've made

And of course, a little personal letter on a decorated card and envelope (I've drawn the familiar theme as on the box and the frame)

So that's it......
She liked it and was very excited when I gave it to her....

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